University of Kordofan
Inistitute of Gum Arabic & Desetification Studies


  1. Existence of more than 50% of desertified areas, necessitate launching of IGARDSin the middle and west of the Sudan.
  2. Existence of the University of Kordofan in the heart of African Sahel where most vulnerable and desertified affected areas exist, calls for
  3. The correlation between desertification, environmental deterioration, food security and sustainable development needs academic research body (IGARDS) to manage this interaction.
  4. The negative impact of desertification on gum arabic population and institutions dictate the establishment of IGARDS.
  5. The link between gum arabic researches, desertification and environment avail opportunities for interdisciplinary researches.
  6. The importance of Acacias in maintaining and sustaining ecosystem balance.
  7. Climate change and its aftermath entail establishment of IGARDS.
  8. IGARDS contribute to knowledge dissemination, adoption of recent technologies and documentation of indigenous knowledge