University of Kordofan
Inistitute of Gum Arabic & Desetification Studies


Being one of the most African countries affected by desertification, Sudan, mainly the gum Arabic belt has witnessed a considerable deterioration in all aspects of natural resources. These could be interpreted in low farm productivity, low standard of living, increasing rates of poverty, unemployment and vagabonds.

Desertification is one of the most important environmental destructive calamities in the arid, semi arid and semi humid eco-zones, attributed to natural factors such as drought and climate change; manmade factors such as irrational utilization of natural resources. This led to soil depletion, water scarcity, deterioration of vegetation cover, conflict over resources and harsh socioeconomic impacts.

This circumstance necessitated revitalizing research visions in the field of gum Arabic, desertification and environment to guarantee sustainable supply of these vital aspects. A new scope of problem oriented academic research institutions like the Institute of Gum Arabic Researches and Desertification Studies (IGARDS)depending on scientific consideration, training, documentation is of crucial importance.

To meet these new transformations, University of Kordofan, the pioneer academic institution in Western Sudan, revised and redesigned the mandate of The Gum Arabic Research Center (GARC) to be the Institute of Gum Arabic Researches and Desertification Studies (IGARDS) which have been approved in December 2014.