University of Kordofan
Inistitute of Gum Arabic & Desetification Studies

Potentialities & Strengths:

  1. In situ of the Institute in the heart of the gum belt and vulnerable desert affected area.
  2. Rich indigenous knowledge and skills of local population with regards to gum arabic husbandry as well as drought and desertification mitigation strategies.
  3. Appreciated number of experts and qualified staff at all levels, in different disciplines.
  4. Strong on-going local, national, regional and international collaboration with relevant recognized institutions.
  5. Availability of research facilities in-terms of, a well designed problem oriented research plan, Nursery, reserve forest, gene bank, demonstration plots, community forest, laboratory, pioneer research oriented community groups,
  6. Interdisciplinary high qualified & competent research council which supervise, monitor and evaluate the progress of institute activities.